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Address: 61 Copthorne Drive,Shrewsbury UK, SY3 8RX


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Phone: +44 1743 368 225 (w) or +44 7798 576 308 (m or cell)

Professional info

​Planning Engineer (precedence networks, working methods, tender and detailed planning, monitoring, what-ifs,). Good in most packages, but specifically Primavera P6, SureTrak, MS Project, CS Project. Have some knowledge of OpenPlan. Use ChainLink and other time chainage programmes, and can produce them in AutoCAD. Can produce presentations in MS PowerPoint to illustrate stages and/or work flow. Used to working with QS and estimators to make a programme that tallies with the estimate but can work alone from drawings and a good briefing. Able to tailor programmes to suit different contractual forms, such as ICE 6th, ECC2 and ECC3, good on monitoring programmes for the ECC contract (familiar with Nuttall’s Established Approach). Have developed a lean construction method to reduce contract durations in running projects.

Formwork Designer, Detailer and Temporary Works Supervisor/Checker (with drawing by hand or using CAD, includes falsework and formwork, stripping methods and times, plant access, etc.)
CAD operator (now mainly for illustration purposes for PowerPoint presentations, used to design with some drafting, was a very fast draughtsman on a board up to 1980)
Have drafted Highways Agency AIPs to BD2/05 and Network Rail Form Cs, and supervised the submission of these.
CSCS registered, was CPCS Appointed Person Cranes (expired 10/2011), have been PTS but now expired (no sponsor)

Work experience

Software owned

Primavera P6

Primavera SureTrak

Asta Powerproject

MS Project 2007 / 2013


Office 2007's Powerpoint, Word, Excel


Planning using any of the above software

Planning using some other packages, such as Open Plan, SuperProject, CS Project

Limited use of AutoCAD

Stage / phase drawings using AutoCAD and displaying in Powerpoint 

2010 - present

Ross Planning contract via TSA for Moortown, planning support for MOD Mid Wales Border contract

June 2019 to date

Take over the tender programme in Project Commander, import into MS Project, develop into Clause 31 and 32 programmes, including regular updates and site visits as needed

Ross Planning contract via KentonBlack for Kier, planning for MerseyLink final reinstatement

January to June 2019

Take over P6 programme, urgent update in mid-January from home (not been updated for 1-2 months), then convert into MS Project and site update – target completion end June 2019. Cancelled 3rd June 2019

Ross Planning contract via Project Resource for Hawk Construction, planning for Durham new street works and drainage Development and for Lincoln Highway Bypass

September 2018 to January 2019

For Durham take over Tender and Construction programmes and do monthly updates (and adjust to actual methods of working), mostly at home or their Prees Heath (Whitchurch) office but with site visits, using MS Project, and draft programme side of the Monthly Report. For Lincoln Bypass, take over the tender programme and develop from there, no details as yet, again mostly at home but with site visits. Hawk Plant went into administration in January 2019

2010 - present

Ross Planning contract for Geoffrey Osborne (directly as follow on from A565 contract) – A57-A628 Trans Pennine surveys, A1 Northumberland surveys, and others, for Highways England upgrade projects, programmes in MS Project from P6 tender programme/s

January - June 2018

Starting from MS Project export from P6 (by others), resolve anomalies, make a Clause 31 programme, then update to Clause 32 programmes as required. No input required since early June 2018.

Ross Planning contract for Geoffrey Osbourne (directly as recommended by an employee) – A565 North Liverpool Key Corridor roads upgrade in Liverpool, programme in MS Project from Asta Powerproject tender programme

March 2017 - March 2018

Import the tender programme from Asta into MS Project 2013, verify correctness of import, develop a Clause 31 programme, then to update to Clause 32 programmes, assist with cost forecasting, and develop Compensation Event programmes as required until Osborne wanted an onsite programmer to deal with a subcontractor’s compensation event programmes. There were some anomalies brought into the CL 31 programme via the import, so the programme was recreated from scratch and verified against the tender programme. CL 32 version 9 was the last version updated, onsite consultation was usually around twice a month

Ross Planning contract for VolkerLaser (directly as worked with them previously, see below) – M1 River Trent Viaduct Column Strengthening, programme reorganisation in MS Project

February - March 2018

The existing programme had some spurious link as the order of works had been dragged from an existing resourced programme, I sorted out the order and linking, and submitted this to VL for consideration, after 3 iterations this was submitted to their Client. The initial plan was for me to update this over several months, however this request was never made by VL

Ross Planning contract for Carillion Kier JV via Project Resource – Smart Motorway M6 Junctions 16 to 19, verge programme in P6 and ChainLink

June - September 2016

Expand a tender programme of verge works, and put into ChainLink for a time chainage view, summarise information available for various sections as drawings are issued. The contract was terminated when a new planner was employed

Ross Planning contract for Tarmac via Hayes Recruitment - Surfacing for M5 Junctions 4a to 6 Smart Motorway in MS Project

March - June 2016


Clauses 31 and 32 plus scope adjustment to surfacing with future additions of smart motorway refuges, initial work done then consultation with the Client re format

Ross Planning contract for SPI Appleton via Minstrell Recruitment – Mersey Gateway As-builts and other analysis in MS Project

June - November 2015


Further work requested on delay programme for the Mersey Gateway river crossing, construction of trestle bridge and cofferdams, as it nears completion, the original programme being developed by me a year previously, then the programme was taken over by SPI-A. The scope of work is updating SPI's construction programme to substantiate weather delays working in MS Project. Liaise with the Contracts Manager in Bolton but generally working from home for a robust substantiation of all delays, prolongation and disruption to the critical path, may also be required for a meeting or two in Bolton or with MCCJV (Mersey Civil Constructors Joint Venture). No work requested since November 2015.

Ross Planning Contract for Eurovia Contraction North via Project Resource - various new & existing contract programme updates out of the Peterborough & Telford offices, programme development & analysis in MS Project, comments and updating

June - August 2015


Eurovia’s current planner is leaving, thus some existing projects need updating, and others will need tender, Clause 31 or 32 programmes, all done in MS Project 2013. This will include CE programmes to substantiate delays. No work requested since August 2015

Ross Planning contract for Van Oord via Minstrell Recruitment – Belle Greve Outfalls Replacement, Guernsey

February - June 2015


Programme development & analysis in P6, ChainLink, comment & updating. Van Oord Holland contacted me to develop the onshore + offshore programme for the Belle Greve Outfalls project, including visits to Holland and Guernsey to get info from the team and a major subcontractor, put into P6 and get agreement for the initial programme, updating to follow. No updates required since June

Ross Planning contract for the Morgan Sindall portion of bmJV via Project Resource

January - March 2015


Update programmes for the A14 Kettering Bypass, using P6, I was brought in at short notice to take over for a Planning Engineer on compassionate leave. Initially a rush to do the update for the missing December 2014 monthly programme, then less rush to continue with the next one once the programme was accepted. Some work at home, most work at the Rothwell site office, reviewed some claim programmes.

Ross |Planning contract with Lafarge Tarmac via Randstad

July 2014 - April 2015

Updates and delays for Shrewsbury Roundabouts at Emstree and Preston Boats on the A5, using Microsoft Project 2013. Take over the planning on this project, and catch up where it’s getting a bit behind. The two roundabouts are in a single traffic management system, and are being upgraded in a number of phases, Emstree to include dedicated slip roads with pedestrian/cycle accommodation and traffic lights, and Preston Boats to have dedicated left turns and gain traffic lights on the other arms to reduce the delays – all part of the Highways Agency’s pinch point reduction programme. Some time claim programmes made from approved programmes, last one in April, no input needed since April 2015

Ross Planning contract with Morgan Sindall via Project Resource

July - July 2014

Tender programme for 6 km road bypass of Flore & Weedon with bridges over the West Coast mainline and Grand Union canal, the river Nene, 2 minor roads, a pedestrian and ecological bridge plus 3 farm structures. It will have a new roundabout for the A5 built online, a new roundabout at the existing A45 built partly off line and another near M1 J16. Tender returned after 1 week.

Ross Planning contract with Clugston Construction via Edge Freelance

March - May 2014

Shrewsbury Battlefield Energy from Waste Plant. Update and monitor programme and costing in that programme using CS Project, and occasionally MS Project, nominally 3 days a week. Liaison with site staff and subcontractors. Clugston found a staff member after 2 months, so stopped working for them

Ross Planning contract for Van Oord via Minstrell Recruitment

March 2014 - December 2105

Liverpool 2 Container Berth. Analysis of Bam Nuttall P6 programme for JV partner Van Oord for new container berth, using past marine experience. Also using ChainLink time-chainage and provide a high-level report on the effect of current piling delays, nominally on a day per week basis after initial input. Work started comparing Issue 8 with previous issues, then roughly monthly updates. No work required since December 2015


New programme for WP5 channel dredging linking to Issue 11 – part of the arisings are to be delivered for fill behind the new quay.

Ross Planning contract for SPI-Appleton via Minstrell Recruitment

January - June 2014

As-builts and analysis for Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors' Piling Contract. The scope of work is updating SPI's tender / construction programme to substantiate weather delays working in MS Project and Primavera P6. Liaise with the Contracts Manager in Bolton but generally working from home for a quick turnaround in the programme but it has to be robust to substantiate all delays, prolongation and disruption to our critical path, may also be required for a meeting or two in Bolton or with FCBC (Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors) in Edinburgh. No further work requested since June 2014.


Also provide programme for new contract with the Mersey Gateway river crossing, construction of trestle bridge and cofferdams, taken over by SPI once initial programme developed

Ross Planning contract for VolkerLaser

January 2014 - October 2015

A58(M) Woodhouse Lane Tunnel Refurbishment. Conversion of Carillion P6 programmes into MS Project, initial analysis of 4 or 5 (very large ~ 4600 activities) programmes plus a watching brief for VolkerLaser interests as the programmes are issued and updated. Most work done from home with occasional site meetings. No work requested since October 2015.

Ross Planning contract via ATA Recruitment for VolkerFitzpatrick

2013 October - January 2014

Contract (mostly working from home) to provide programmes in P6 for 12 No Structures Sample Projects and 5 No Property Sample Projects. 3 No Structure and 3 No Property project programmes were submitted as part of the tender with the balance initially for pricing, but likely to be tabled if discussions are started after the tender submission. The tender was submitted late December 2013, and there have been some queries early in 2014.

Ross Planning contract via ATA Recruitment for VolkerLaser

2013 February - 2013 September

Birmingham St Chad's and Queensway Tunnels Refurbishment: Initial meeting with Amey / VolkerLaser at Colmore Plaza (Central Birmingham, UK) to meet with the principal Amey staff and various subcontractors to establish the ground rules to start the planning and programming phase. 1 day later in the same week to start programming process for the tunnels refurbishment. Once a basic programme exists, approx. 1 day per week developing the programme (majority of which were carried out from my home address). Attended further planning meetings in Birmingham over and above the 1 day a week, by agreement. Site updating remotely twice weekly for Queensway & St Chad's Tunnels projects from 21st June to 15th September. The tunnels opened on time, with most works done in the closure, some final works moved to the last 2 weeks’ night closures.

Ross Planning contract for Red7Marine

2013 June - 2013 June

Oldbury Alternative Discharge Line Project for Magnox. Conversion of tender programme in MS Project into P6 plus formatting for them to submit.

Ross Planning contract via ATA Recruitment for VolkerFitzpatrick

2012 November - June 2013

​Contract planning engineer for Volker Fitzpatrick on the East Void infill works at Birmingham New Street Station, including monthly contract programme update, weekly target programme to completion and hour by hour possession programmes (plus as builts) all in P6, occasional use of MS project, progress curves in Excel for steelwork erection, installation of angle, precast planks and concrete topping, initially from the site office, some work done from home. Some claim programmes were needed as the works progressed. Project completed successfully and VFL moved off site.

Ross Planning contract via TRIQS (Central) Ltd for VolkerFitzpatrick

2012 May to 2012 July

Contract planning engineer working in P6 on extension of time claims by Volker Fitzpatrick at Birmingham New Street Station for Navigation Street Bridge - claim submitted late July'12, possible extra works/answers to follow in due course when Network Rail assessment known, started from Clause 14 programme, rectified some problems then ran various scenarios and stages. Some minor planning works done in P6 for Platform 12

June 2013 sent files and reports to EC Harris planner for legal claim, plus two meetings to discuss progress

Ross Planning contract for Bam Nuttall 

2010 October - 2012 May

​3 weeks tender planning in SureTrak and quality statement writing for Bam Nuttall (for Guernsey Airport upgrade).


Continued with P6 programme development for M20 J9 road and footbridge (assisting in-house planner), continued with compensation event claim programmes (mainly for the bridge) as programme finalised, full extension claim met. Working at home plus 1-2 days/week on site in Ashford, Kent.

Ross Planning contract for Atkins Global

2010 January - 2010 August

​Part-time analysis of contractor claims and programmes in Asta Powerproject and Excel for Atkins A14 technology project, HA adding information displays and cameras alongside the dual carriageway.

Ross Planning contract for Nuttal John Martin (part of Bam Nuttall)

2009 September - 2010 March

​Contract planning engineer acting as Framework Co-ordinator, continuing after my retirement - full time with Nuttall John Martin, planning & updating framework projects, Jan to March 10 part-time planning/updating Stoke A500 road renewal for NJM,

Employee of Nuttall John Martin (part of Bam Nuttall) 

2004 April - 2009 August

Framework Co-ordinator on highway maintenance contract in the West Midlands (HA Area 9), promoted to Senior Planner for areas 9 & 10 in 2006. I monitored 2 or 3 running projects - which I normally have planned from ECI stage - plus early contractor involvement with the Highways Agency's designer AmeyMouchel [now Amey] and A-one-plus on future projects, including adapting the programme to suit the pricing, values of projects from £ 500 000 to £6 million. Trained as AIP writer, Temporary Works Co-ordinator and Appointed Person Cranes (with CPCS card). There is a lot of liaison with other specialists to produce a sensible programme that is achievable but not ridiculous, some liaison with the designers on optimum solutions, often planning 2 or 3 versions, and buildability. On fast track projects also do twice weekly short term programming and liaison. Also involved in developing planning procedures, lift plans, method statements, risk registers, etc. Working as part of the team on ECC projects, mainly in SureTrak, some work in MS Project, use of ChainLink on a linear project, used a lean construction method to gain certainty of end date on some projects. Retired end of August 2009.​

University of South Africa

1989 - 1995


Principal Planning Engineer for Birse Rail, 2001 November - 2004 March

Senior Planning Engineer for Morrison Construction 1997 November - 2001 October

Senior Planning Engineer for First Engineering (seconded by Morrison Construction 2000 January - 2000 December

Principal Planning and Temporary Works Engineer for AMEC Marine 1996 August - 1997 October

Principal Planning Engineer for AMEC Civil Engineering  1995 November - 1996 July

Senior Engineer for Christiani & Nielsen UK 1994 May - 1995 October

Technical Manager after being Senior Engineer for LTA Civil Engineering SA

Previous employers in SA, Marine Civil, Christiani & Nielsen, etc 

and all the above either see my Linked In page or email for a CV in Word or pdf

Diploma in Datametrics, Information Technology / Computer Science

Most courses for BSc completed, but abandoned due to pressure of work

Cape Technikon

1981 - 1985

​T3 & T4 Structural and Civil Engineering - various subjects. Nil at T1 and T2 level thus no diploma